Access Library eResources

IP address recognition is used from the publishers to allow access to their resources. 
Thanks to AUTh's IT 'Network Access' services AUTh community members  may access AUTh Library tools and resources from computers in or outside the AUTh campus.

Please follow instructions depending on whether your PC is located inside or outside the campus.  

Campus network access

All computers connected to the campus network have access to AUTh eResources (IP recognition). Access to the Library's Search Mechanism (Catalog, Summon, etc.) is available without IP recognition.

Wireless network (Wifi)

There are two wireless networks available in Campus:

Please consult the AUTh Map to check for available WiFi spots. 

ADSL-Virtual Private Network (VPN) Connection

Users with an ADSL connection are invited to install and set a VPN (Virtual Private Network) client software on their home/personal computer. With the VPN client installed, users' home/personal computers connect to the AUTh network and obtain an AUTh IP address enabling them to access all AUTh and HEAL-Link eResources and services.   

  1. On the Virtual Private Network Access (VPN) webpage check the Connection Setup block on the right. Select your PC's operational system 
  2. Download and execute the VPN client on your PC 
  3. After successful download, your PC will have an AUTh IP address and access to all AUTh Library and HEAL-Link subcriptions will be possible. 

More information regarding VPN by the AUTh IT Center:

Faculty of Health Sciences students holding a email account may also use the Virtual Private Network offerred by the School of Medicine IT department.

Remote desktop connection

Instructions for Windows:

  1. In your PC select the following path: Start > All programs > Accessories > Communications / Remote Desktop Connection.
  2. Type
  3. Type your username pclabs\username and password of your AUTh institutional account (xxx @

More information at the 'Remote desktop connection for Windows'  AUTh IT Center webpage .

Instructions for MacOS

HEAL-Link Federation: Authentication and Authorization Infrastructure (AAI) 

You may use your AUTh institutional account credentials to have full access to some of the HEAL-Link partners. The Authentication and Authorization Infrastructure has been initiated after the successful cooperation between the HEAL-Link staff, the AUTh IT Center staff and each vendor's IT staff.  

Visit the 'AUTh IT Center - Authentication and Authorization Infrastructure' webpage and type your username (anything that precedes the @ symbol) and password of your AUTh institutional account (xxx @

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