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This publication focuses on an important, yet widely unknown, issue; that of the two main versions of Righas Charta (1797). The two main types versions of Charta (along with some slight variations) have been discovered in 2008 using digital analysis methods. The existence of different types still remains historically unexplained. ... “The Righas' Charta: two faces” exhibition and its accompanying volume introduce the versions of Charta to the public and to scholars.


Livieratos, Evangelos. (2017). The Righas' Charta, the two faces: a new reading of the map. Thessaloniki: Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Library & Information Centre.    


Two collections of rare French manuscript maps of the late 17th century are presented in this publication. The maps were designed by Louis XIV’s engineers and represent the Cycladic Archipelago. This publication reveals unknown issues of the Aegean Archipleago cartography, as well as a relatively less documented European mapping history period. The 1685-1687 French cartographic activities in the Aegean was the prerequisite of an eventual offensive military operation against the Ottoman Empire, which at the time was involved in a long war against the 'Holy League' (1683-1699). In this publication both collections of maps are presented, the one kept at the Aristotle University (Trikoglou Library) and the second at the Service historique de la Défense of France. The maps are the result of the cartographic surveys by the engineers Raseau (Trikoglou Library) and Pétré (Service historique de la Défense). The manuscript maps are unique worldwide as cartographic artworks but also as exceptional examples of insular 17th century cartography.  

Livieratos, Evangelos. (2018). Archipelago 1685-1687 in the maps of Louis XIV. Thessaloniki: Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Library & Information Centre.

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