Social Sciences Citation Index®, accessed via Web of Science™ Core Collection, provides researchers, administrators, faculty, and students with quick, powerful access to the bibliographic and citation information they need to find research data, analyze trends, journals and researchers, and share their findings.

Overcome information overload and focus on essential data from 3,000 of the world's leading social sciences journals across 50 disciplines.

Access to more than 2500 book titles through the SpringerLink website.

The number of subscribed titles increases with additional 22.000 ebook titles (monographs, monographs in series and reference works, such as encyclopedias, atlases, etc) from "Springer Full eBook Package". These additional 22.000 ebook titles all are recent with a copyright year between 2005-2011. Their number will increase each year, since the Hellenic Academic Libraries Link (HEAL-Link) has signed an agreement that will provide its members access to all books published in the previous year. 

Synedriothiki: conferences and scientific events

The object of the Synedriothiki is to list and promote conferences, forums and other scholarly events held at AUTh in a single standardised online environment with the option of submitting search criteria, which will help upgrade the existing services. 

It hosts conferences and scholarly events organised by AUTh Faculties, Schools, Departments, Laboratories, etc.

Textbooks (School Textbooks)

This collection was put together by library staff in collaboration with Professor Maria Dimasi of the School of Primary Education. It contains 1089 volumes of schoolbooks, readers, reprints, educational and conference bulletins, children’s literature, 4 atlases, a collection of coins, and a collection of etchings.

The Economist Historical Archive delivers a complete searchable copy of every issue of The Economist from 1843 to 2010. Full-colour images, multiple search indexes, and the facility to browse each and every issue - all combine to offer a unique primary source covering the 19th and 20th centuries.

You may search both Economist and Financial Times historical archives through the NewsVault search engine.

The Financial Times Historical Archive,1888-2010, is a complete facsimile run of the world’s most authoritative daily business newspaper. Includes over 700,000 pages of past issues, including Special Supplements and the FT Magazine.

You may search both Economist and Financial Times historical archives through the NewsVault search engine.

You may search Eighteenth Century Collections Online, The Making of Modern Law, The Making of Modern World and Financial Times simultaneously using the Artemis primary sources search engine.