Digitized collections

Politis Nikolaos G. Collection

Nikolaos Politis is considered the father of the science of ethnology in Greece. His collection was bought by the University of Athens and donated to the University of Thessaloniki soon after it was founded, with the purpose of enriching its Library.

The 3870 volumes in the collection are mainly books on education, and include some rare editions.

Part of the collection has been digitised and is available in the Psifiothiki.

Rare Books

The Central Library’s incunabula and old book collection is the product of long-term collective effort.

It was first catalogued by the University Library Supervisory Committee in 1990 in cooperation with the Library Material Research and Study Committee, which assembled a collection of books originating primarily from bequests and donations by Eleftheropoulos, Kalligas, Konstantinidis, Politis, Triantafyllidis and Trikoglou.

Textbooks (School Textbooks)

This collection was put together by library staff in collaboration with Professor Maria Dimasi of the School of Primary Education. It contains 1089 volumes of schoolbooks, readers, reprints, educational and conference bulletins, children’s literature, 4 atlases, a collection of coins, and a collection of etchings.

Theatrical Reviews

Theatrical performances' reviews presented to the public of Thessaloniki during the years 1930 - . Reviews published during the years 1930-2005 have been digitized and are available through Psifiothiki.  

Trikoglou Ioannis Collection

The Ioannis (Giagkos) Trikoglou bequest was accepted by the Aristotle University in 1963. The collection has been catalogued and partly digitised.

The collection comprises 12,000 books, 3500 art works (etchings, paintings, photographs, etc.), documents and pamphlets, as well his personal archive.