Pontic National Library of Argyroupolis “Kyriakides”

The “Kyriakides” Pontic National Library of Argyroupolis was digitised in 2010, in cooperation with Prefecture of Imathia.

The Phrontisterion of Argyroupolis, founded in 1723, was an important centre of learning of the Pontic Greeks of Chaldea. Its valuable library included manuscripts and rare editions of books in the fields of science and the humanities. Immigrants from Argyroupolis who settled in Naoussa in 1924 overcame great difficulties to bring the Phrontisterion Library with them. Today, 972 volumes still exist and are preserved in the Efxinos Pontic Club of Naoussa. Digitised copies of the volumes are stored in AUTh’s Psifiothiki. The collection includes 753 items.

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