Trikoglou Ioannis Collection

The Ioannis (Giagkos) Trikoglou bequest was accepted by the Aristotle University in 1963. The collection has been catalogued and partly digitised.

The collection comprises 12,000 books, 3500 art works (etchings, paintings, photographs, etc.), documents and pamphlets, as well his personal archive.


Biographical information: 

Ioannis Trikoglou was a second generation Greek from Egypt and a prominent merchant. Born on 24  January 1888 in Alexandria, he died in Paris in the late 1970s, aged 90. He was a member of the Greek Community in Cairo from 1947-1957. 

Portrait of Ioannis Trikoglou. © AUTh Library

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Closed collection. Access to documents that have not been digitised must be authorised by the Online Reference, Loan and Interlibrary Loan Service.

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