Grey literature

The grey literature is research material, whether published or not, which is not commercially distributed. Some examples are: 

  • Master theses
  • Doctoral dissertations
  • Deliverables of funded projects
  • Technical reports
  • Minutes/presentations of conferences and other scientific events
  • Research
  • Statistical data
  • Government documents

The identification of grey literature is more difficult and is often the best source of information on current developments in some areas. In the ‘Theses’ tabs and ‘Other sources’ you will find useful web addresses to search for Grey Literature sources.

AUTh Doctoral Dissertations

AUTh Library Catalog - Edit this search that uses as subject “Dissertations, Academic - In Greek”, and add your subject in the search, e.g., Architecture AND Dissertations, Academic.

Doctoral dissertations awarded in other Greek Universities
Doctoral dissertations awarded worldwide


In the following websites, you can find grey literature materials. In the majority of cases, open access to the full text is granted.

General resources

Clinical trials (Medicine)


Statistical data

Technical reports

The evaluation of Grey Literature resources is necessary, because in grey literature - contrary to the publication of scientific articles through official publishing channels (e.g. scientific journals, conferences with reviewers, and proceedings), no peer review is required for their publication.

A simple method you may use is known as AACODS, and it includes the following checkpoints:

Authority - Does the author or the organization reputable? Does the item have a detailed reference list or bibliography? 
Accuracy – Does the item have a clearly stated aim or brief? Does it have a stated methodology?
Coverage – Have any restrictions on research, such as time period, geographical area, population group, etc. been clearly stated?
Objectivity – Is the source objective?
Date – When was it published? Does it have current literature?
Significance – Is this an important resource for your research/paper?

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