The Contemporary Greek Art Institute ISET, a non-profit organisation, was established in February 2009 by members of the Nees Morfes Art Gallery in collaboration with art historians and artists as consultants. The institute’s aim is to document the course of art in Greece from 1945 to date.
Part of its digitized archival material is freely available via the ISET digital platform.

A search engine by Google for academic literature. Access to AUTh and HEAL-Link subscriptions is IP-recognition based.

A search engine by Google for academic literature. Access to AUTh and HEAL-Link subscriptions is IP-recognition based.

The Digitised Archive of the Greek National Theatre, which comprises the collections of the GNT from 1932 to 2005, includes rare and often unique material. More specifically, it contains theatre programmes, newspaper clippings, photographs sound recordings (after 1955), video recordings (after 1994) and musical scores.

The Hellenic Society of German Studies aims to promote the interests of the teaching and research staff of the Schools of German Literature as well as related sciences, such as Philosophy, Pedagogy, or Cultural Sciences, which are taught in Greek Universities. Moreover, it serves as an academic Greek-German forum for all those active in the field of intercultural relations between Greek-speaking and German-speaking countries. The Society’s founding assembly was held in May 2011 in Thessaloniki, where the Society’s headquarters are located.

Die Griechische Gesellschaft für Germanistische Studien (GGGS) versteht sich einerseits als Interessenverband der in Griechenland tätigen Hochschuldozenten der Germanistik und benachbarter akademischer Disziplinen wie zum Beispiel der Philosophie, der Pädagogik oder den Kulturwissenschaften, andererseits als ein akademisches griechisch-deutsches Forum für diejenigen, deren Interessen und Tätigkeit im Spannungsfeld zwischen diesen beiden Kulturen angesiedelt sind. Die konstituierende Vollversammlung der Gesellschaft fand im Mai 2011 in Thessaloniki statt, wo sie auch ihren Sitz hat.

Η μεγαλύτερη ελεύθερη συλλογή με πίνακες περιεχομένω επιστημονικών περιοδικών

Access to cultural theatre items is now possible on the computers installed in the venue by use of the Interactive Application of the NTNG Cultural Reserve Demonstration set up for this reason. The Interactive Application can provide findings to any search concerning the history of the National Theatre of Northern Greece. In particular, it allows access to 1.321 productions and co-productions of the NTNG from 1961 to date and 134.865 relevant electronic data. The items included are given in detail below: