Anti – plagiarism software (Turnitin)

Turnitin offers a family of web applications that promote critical thinking, ensure academic integrity, and help students improve their writing.

Turnitin is an online plagiarism detection service and its database contains 58 billion web pages, 570 million student papers, and 150 million articles from academic books and publications. 

Turnitin may be used only by AUTh teaching staff, who must submit an 'Application for creating a Turnitin account'.

It should be stressed that cases of possible plagiarism indicated by Turnitin should be taken as suggestions only, subject to the teacher’s judgment.

Papers submitted to Turnitin may be compared against billions of internet documents, archived internet data that is no longer available on the live web, a local repository of previously submitted papers, and a subscription repository of periodicals, journals, and publications. The comparison may be against any or all of these repositories as set on a specific assignment by the instructor of the class. The comparison document is called a Similarity Report. This document details the matching or similar text between a submission made on Turnitin and the documents the submission was compared against. This document is listed in the instructor’s view of the class assignment inbox.

Turnitin Features

  • Creation of a personal account
  • Online environment
  • Uploading texts from a computer, Dropbox, Google drive
  • Storing all texts uploaded to the Turnitin database
  • Checking texts in multiple languages, including Greek and translations
  • Comparing with independent online texts, with the Turnitin database, which is continually added to by subscribers and subscription repository of periodicals, journals, and publications.
  • Student work is instantly checked for potential plagiarism using pattern recognition algorithms. 

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