About this website

This new www.lib.auth.gr website has been developed in the framework of the project "Creation of Innovative Digital Library Services for AUTh Library". The project has been funded by the ESPA-Digital Convergence Operational Programme.

Λογότυπο datascoutingThe development of the website has been contracted out to the Datascouting company.  A team of librarians and system librarians working at the Central Library worked closely with the contractor throughout the website's development process to ensure that AUTh Library's needs are met. 

Open Source Software 

This website has been developed with the following open source softwares:

  • CMS Drupal version7, content management system
  • PHP, programming language used for customization
  • MySQL, database for storing the website's content
  • Apache Server, http server
  • VuFind version ...., for a unified search mechanism that integrates the Library Catalog, the Psifiothiki (digital library), IKEE (Institutional Repository), Prothiki (open journals), Synedriothiki (open conferences) services, as well as Summon, a web-scale discovery system for electronic subscriptions.  

Website copyright information

Creative Commons License The content of this website is licensed under the Creative Commons Greece Attribution - Non commercial use - Share alike 4.0 License.

Creative Commons License AUTh Library's main logo ans other services logos belong to the AUTh Library and are licensed under the Creative Commons Greece Attribution - Non commercial use - No derivatives 4.0 License.

In this website third party services', tools' and vendors' logos are used. These logos DO NOT belong to the AUTh Library and are used in the framework of marketing AUTh Library and HEllenic Academic Libraries Link (HEAL-Link) electronic subscriptions.

All photographs and images used in this website either belong to the AUTh Library or are licensed under one of six Creative Commons licenses. In the latter case proper attribution is made. Attributions are displayed when the mouse cursor hovers over an image/photograph. 

Contact - Support

Please contact the library website team to report any technical problem, or to make any comment/suggestion regarding this website