Support Service for People With Disabilities (PWD)

The AUTh Library, in collaboration with the Social Care for Students of Aristotle University, the Health Committee and the Center for Inclusive Policy, provides students with print disabilities, the following:

  1. Workstations equipped with the following tools and programs:
    • Braille display, a device for displaying Braille characters. The device has very small pins, which raise up and down through holes in a flat surface. Blind computer users, who cannot use a normal computer, use it to read text output.
    • Braille embosser (printer)
    • Closed-circuit television (CCTV). Its zooming, magnifiers, and color-switching functions, provide aid to those with low vision/vision impairment.
    • PIAF (Picture in a Flash Tactile Graphic Maker). The device produces high- quality tactile graphics using heat sensitive capsule paper. Ideal for geometric shapes, graphs, maps, pictures, and sheet music.
    • SuperNova Software which works as a magnifier and screen reader
    • EasyReader Software which is a fully accessible reading app, specifically designed for people with low vision or blindness
    • ABBYY FineReader 15. Offers OCR technology and makes it easier to convert PDF files, pictures and digitized files into editable forms (doc, txt, etc.).
    • Greek-English Hlektronikos Logografos. It operates under MS Windows, substitutes text typing by dictation, and offers the possibility to work with Microsoft Word.
    • Optelec Compact 7 HD. A portable widescreen video magnifier with high-definition image quality, extreme simplicity, and an attractive style.
    • Standard Perkins Brailler. This typewriter is suitable for braille typing.
    • PCEye5. Eye tracker designed to be used with a Windows computer. For individuals without the ability to use their hands or fingers.
    • Big Keys keyboard. Designed for individuals who have difficulties with standard- sized keys.
    • Trackball Plus Traxsys/Ametek. Customizable alternative to a traditional mouse.
    • Joystick Plus Traxsys/Ametek. Customizable alternative to a traditional mouse.
    • Arm supporter with switches, which functions as an alternative to a traditional mouse
    • Switches that enable an individual with a physical disability to operate a traditional mouse
    • Epson DS-50000. A3 document scanner
    • Headphones
  2. Requests for coursebooks in electronic form. Students with visual impairments can apply for their academic coursebooks to be rendered in accessible formats. Library staff contacts the editors, then converts and, modifies the material into accessible formats, and finally, uploads it to the Accessible Multi-modal Electronic Library (AMELib).
  3. Access and use of AMELib (Accessible Multi-modal Electronic Library). Access to AMELib is achieved by controlled passwords only for users with print disabilities. The material is accessible to all active registered users.
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