Library of Medicine

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The purpose of the Library is to serve the community of the School, Faculty and teaching staff, undergraduate, postgraduate students, doctoral candidates, as well as external users and researchers. 

The Library focuses on: 

  • supporting the School's undergraduate curriculum, contributing to the development of highly qualified doctors in accordance with international standards
  • supporting postgraduate curriculum and research activities of the School. 
  • providing effective access to information sources inside and outside its physical space. 
  • providing quality information services 
  • providing training sessions regarding the use of the Library and its search tools.


The Library of Medicine was founded in 1998. Till May 2011, the Library was housed at the "New Amphitheatres" building. 

Since May 2011 and until it is transferred to the new premises of the Faculty of Health Sciences, the Library is hosted in the Scientific Reading Room of the Central Library. The Library is supervised by the Library Committee of the School of Medicine.

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Braille PC
Braille printer
PC for search purposes
PC lab
Reading room
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Opening hours: 

Mon-Fri: 09.00-14.30
Holidays/Summer: Contact the Library


2310 994213


Address : 

School of Veterinary Medicine New Wing, Building 18C

Library Staff: 

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