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The Library of Folklore and Social Anthropology serves the Department of Modern and Contemporary History, Folklore and Social Anthropology of the School of History and Archaeology, the School's scientific staff and students, other Schools of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and Hellenic Open University. It also serves students and researchers from Greek and international academic institutions.

The Nikolaos G. Politis library has been the foundation for the formation of the Library of Folklore and Social Anthropology. In 1987, the library of Stilpon Kyriakidis was added to the library of Nikolaos G. Politis further enriching the collection. The Library's collection is constantly enriched through acquisitions and donations becoming one of the best and most complete libraries of its kind in Greece. Its collection covers the following areas of knowledge: Ethnology, Social and Cultural Anthropology, History of Religions, Social History, Greek and Foreign Folklore. It must be noted that there are two “closed collections”:

  • Rare books, which along with the libraries of N. Politis and St. Kyriakides cannot be borrowed.
  • Books printed before 1970.

The Library houses the offices of the faculty members of the sub-sector of Folklore and Social Anthropology.


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