Operation of AUTh Library from 03.11.2020

Due to the exceptional Covid-19 precautionary measures in Thessaloniki, the function of AUTh libraries is amended as follows:

  • Opening hours of AUTh libraries (In case a branch is closed due to a confirmed Covid-19 case or other illness, all requests will be served at the end of the mandatory quarantine)
  • Request items on loan online. Please note that each Library may serve up to 20 requests a day.
  • The corresponding library will contact you by email with details regarding how to obtain the materials you have requested. The delivery of materials can be made ONLY after the library sends the relevant email and ONLY with a scheduled appointment.
  • To return the borrowed materials please email the corresponding Library. The return of borrowed materials can be made ONLY after you send the relevant email and ONLY with a scheduled appointment.
  • To return Eudoxus textbooks, please consult with the following announcement.  

To go to your scheduled appointment please send an SMS to 13033 using code 3. If a police officer checks, you may use the email sent to you by the library for the appointment to confirm your movement as a justified one. 

Library card issuances  

Operation of libraries and reading rooms

  • No Library will operate as a reading space
  • No access is allowed 
  • Use of face masks and disinfection of hands are mandatory upon delivery and return of materials at the entrance of the Library.

Electronic services – Electronic sources