Library training

The Library Training service offers all AUTh community members a series of seminars that are repeated every month all through the academic year (see Scheduled Seminars - in Greek) and relate to:

  • AUTh Library electronic sources and services
    This seminar aims at familiarising users with electronic sources and services, helping them to determine their information needs and to identify, locate, evaluate and effectively use the needed information.
  • Creation of a personal electronic bibliography
    This seminar aims at teaching users to use a special programme for the management of bibliographic references. The programme enables users to add an individual bibliographical reference or a whole bibliography to a text in the citation style of their choice (e.g. Harvard Citation Style, APA Citation Style, MLA Citation Style, etc.)
  • Plagiarism and other Intellectual property issues 
    What is plagiarism and how to avoid it, citation styles, open licenses, creative commons, search for open content
  • Presentation of the AUTh Library online learning environment
    This seminar aims at presenting the AUTh Library online learning environment and training students to use it.

 Seminar venues:

  • Central Library seminar room, Basement B, 20 PCs
  • AUTh Central Computer Lab, Central Library ground floor, 20 PCs
  • Room suggested by AUTh Faculty

You may ask the Library Training Service to organize a seminar tailored to your needs