Politis Nikolaos G. Collection

Nikolaos Politis is considered the father of the science of ethnology in Greece. His collection was bought by the University of Athens and donated to the University of Thessaloniki soon after it was founded, with the purpose of enriching its Library.

The 3870 volumes in the collection are mainly books on education, and include some rare editions.

Part of the collection has been digitised and is available in the Psifiothiki.

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Nikolaos Politis (Kalamata, 3 March 1852 - Athens, 12 January 1921) was a Greek folklorist and professor at the University of Athens. It is considered as the founder of the science of folklore in Greece


Portrait of N.G.Politis. Public Domain Work. Retrieved on 21/02/2014 from Wikimedia Commons: http://goo.gl/60rhmu

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