Printed Collections

Kriaras Emmanuel Personal Archives

The Kriaras Emmanuel Personal Archives were bequeathed to the Institute of Modern Greek Studies. The personal archives include nine dossiers and two books (mostly with reviews about the Lexicon of Medieval Greek Demotic Literature). They were digitized and organized in eleven folders:

Kyriakidis Stilpon Collection

Historian and ethnologist, who pioneered the “historical method” in Greek Ethnology. His main collection, which was donated by his daughter, Alki Kyriakidou-Nestoros, is in the library of the Ethnology Department in the old Faculty of Philosophy building.

Reprints of his private collection are housed in the Central Library. More than 400 volumes have been catalogued and the processing of the collection is still underway.

Macedonia Collection

The Macedonia Collection was created by the Central Library as part of a book exhibition held in 1990-92, which focused on Macedonia. A catalogue of the 1440 items exhibited was published. The 2nd Edition of the Guide to the exhibits in the Macedonia Collection contained 226 additional books.

Main Collection

The main collection is the largest collection of books in the Central Library. 80% of it has been catalogued and is at the service of library users. Post-1931 editions can be borrowed, while older editions may be read only inside the library building. 

Mandakas Ioannis Collection

The Ioannis Mandakas Collection mainly pertains to the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki Choir. It includes documents, invitations, publications, sheet music, and reviews of musical performances.