Printouts, Photocopies, Digitisation of Rare Books

Users are permitted to reproduce library material, subject to full compliance with Library Regulation and the legislation in force on intellectual property rights


Printouts cost €0.05  per page (A4).


The Central Library’s photocopy machines have card-readers. Those interested may procure photocopy cards from Library personnel. The cost of purchasing a photocopy card depends on the number of photocopies the card is good for:

  • 1,50 € / 25 pages
  • 2,00 € / 50 pages
  • 3,50 € / 100 pages
  • 5,00 € / 200 pages

Please note that photocopy cards from one library might not be compatible with photocopy machines in other libraries.

Single photocopies cost €0.05  per page.


It is possible to digitise excerpts of documents stored in the Central Library’s rare book and closed collections. Those interested must apply to the Supervisory Committee. Digitisation is only carried out after the University Library Supervisory Committee has granted approval. 

The charge for this service is determined by the age of the document (date of publication):  

  • pre - 1699. The cost per frame is €0,50 
  • 1700 - 1899. The cost per frame is €0,30 
  • 1900 - 1930. The cost per frame is  €0,20 

Copying digitised documents to a DVD/CD-ROM costs €2.00.


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Address : 

Central Library, new building


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