Rare and closed collections

By decision of the AUTh Library Supervisory Committee, the Central Library’s rare and closed collections are open to the public all day during official library hours.
In the morning (8:00-14:00) the books are delivered by the library personnel.

Reading books from the rare and closed collections in the afternoon (14:00-19:30) is permitted only by prior request of specific books.

Interested parties may request:

  • up to two (2) items at a time from the rare collections and
  • up to three (3) items at a time from the closed collections to be used in the library.


  • Readers apply for the books they require (in person, by telephone, or e-mail) and must inform Library personnel if they intend to study them during the Central Library’s afternoon opening hours.
  • Authorised personnel record the user’s details and the titles of the books.
  • Users must sign for receiving and using (in the Library) material from the rare and closed collections.
  • Library personnel checks the condition of the books when they are returned.


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