Reading Rooms, Computer Labs

Reading Rooms

The AUTh Library has study areas at various points around Campus.

  • The main student reading room (old building, 1st floor) has a capacity of over 1000 seats. For information on opening hours check the “Central Library” webpage.
  • The scientific reading room (new building, basement) has a capacity of 180 seats. For information on opening hours check the “Central Library” webpage.
  • Search for more study areas by selecting the Departmental Library that interests you. 


Computer Labs

  • Central Library Reading Rooms 
    The Central Library reading rooms have computers for bibliographical research (search the Library’s search mechanism, electronic sources and the Internet).
    Scientific Reading Room: 10 PCs
    Student Reading Room: 24 PCs in the seminar room, when not in use for AUTh Library seminars. 
  • AUTh Central Computer Lab
    Located on the ground floor of the Central Library, the Central Computer Lab was created by the AUTh IT Centre in the framework of the “Information Society” Operational Programme (University project for “Procuring Computer Lab Equipment”). The IT is also responsible for managing the Central Computer Lab. For more information on the number of computers and opening hours check the “AUTh Computer Labs” webpage (in Greek).
  • Computers in Departmental Libraries
    Check out the availability of computers in the Departmental Library you are interested in.
  • Class Schedules
    Check the Classschedule website to locate your classroom (in Greek only).
    Locate buildings using the AUTh Campus map


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