AUTh Research Output

IKEE - AUTh Faculty Publications

The object of the Institutional Repository of Scientific Publications (IKEE) is to collect, store and disseminate in digital form all the scholarly work produced by AUTh Faculty and research staff via a fixed and permanent data base, to provide access to AUTh’s digital collections via a single interface programme, and to expand the accessibility, use and influence of AUTh’s research output in Greece and abroad.

Prothiki: open access journals

The Prothiki is intended to provide an online environment and technical support service to host and freely disseminate journals published under the aegis of the University and/or the responsibility of its staff.

It hosts open access journals published by AUTh Faculties, Schools, Departments, Laboratories, etc.


Synedriothiki: conferences and scientific events

The object of the Synedriothiki is to list and promote conferences, forums and other scholarly events held at AUTh in a single standardised online environment with the option of submitting search criteria, which will help upgrade the existing services. 

It hosts conferences and scholarly events organised by AUTh Faculties, Schools, Departments, Laboratories, etc.