Submission of Master Theses & Ph.D. Dissertations: Dissertations

According to the Decisions no 1048/14.1.2003, taken by the Senate all doctoral students of Aristotle University are required to submit the electronic and paper version of their completed thesis to the Central Library of the University.  
All theses will be made available online on the Institutional Repository (IKEE) and the library catalog (

The AUTh Library and Information Centre bears no direct or indirect responsibility for the late submission of postgraduate papers and doctoral theses, for copyright clearance of the theses' contents, and for any third-party copyright issues. The theses' full text is licensed under a Creative Commons license (default BY-NC-SA license).

Doctoral dissertations are submitted electronically. For the electronic submission and the issuance of the relevant certificate from the Central Library, the following documents must be sent by the doctoral candidates (exclusively via their university email):
1. The "Doctoral Thesis Submission document-Έγγραφο παράδοσης διδακτορικής διατριβής" (in Greek), printed and completed manually. Before sending to the Central Library, this document should be (digitally) signed by the Secretary’s Office. 
2. The full text of the thesis in a single file in the Adobe Portable Document Format (.pdf).
3. The English abstract and a brief synopsis in Greek (filetypes .doc, docx, .odt).
4.  The "Doctoral Thesis Submission form / Στοιχεία διδακτορικής διατριβής" (in Greek) (accepted filetypes .doc, docx, .odt)  
5. A hard copy of their dissertation thesis (after the end of the pandemic)

The intellectual property rights of the theses belong to their authors. Upon delivery of the above, the validity of the information is checked by the Library, who then issues a Certificate confirming the submission of the doctoral dissertation. Then doctoral candidates must send/deliver this certificate to the Secretary of their Doctoral Program.

All Submission Documents are about to change and are currently available only in Greek. Foreign postgraduate and doctoral candidates are kindly asked to seek help to complete the forms successfully, before delivering them to the Central Library. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.