Thesswiki Workshop: A literary walk through Thessaloniki

Mon, 11/30/2015


Κεντρική Βιβλιοθήκη ΑΠΘ

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Thesswiki is a crowdsourcing project that aims to digitize the history and culture of Thessaloniki through the participation of the city’s residents. The project uses Wikipedia, the world’s largest online encyclopedia, as a platform to document the cityscape through the collection of electronic entries.The project is organized with the cooperation of The Municipality of Thessaloniki under the auspices of “Demetria” and PostScriptum, a company that provides webspace for the promotion of cultural institutions and stock agencies. Thesswiki is also supported by the EEL / LAC and the Wikimedia Community User Group Greece. Thesswiki Workshop: A literary walk through Thessaloniki” went live on December 11th 2015 (9pm-4pm) as part of the university’s Student Week. With the help of faculty members and student volunteers the project incorporates entries on poets, writers, and the city’s literary history (including sites used as the setting for novels and pays and locations associated with the lives of writers). 

The project is made possible by volunteer teachers at Aristotle Univerisity of Thessaloniki (AUTH). 
Participating members:
Lambros Varelas, Assistant Professor, Department of Literature,
Titika Dimitroulia, Associate Professor, Department of French Language and Literature
Tassos Kaplanis, Assistant Professor, Department of Philology
Dimitris Kokoris, Assistant Professor of Education and Philosophy 
Michalis Bakoyannis, Assistant Professor, Department of Philology
Sotiria Stavrakopoulou, Associate Professor, Department of Philology
Wikipedia personnel:
Anna Bisba
Despina Papadakis
Irini Tsouraki
Eleftheria Koseoglou
Efi Emmanouilidou
Zoe Venetis
Katerina Tsotoulidou
Lia Ollandezou
Maria Lyssoudi
Sophia Alexandridou
Chrysa Chatziraki
and their student volunteers.
An initial list of poets and novelists whose works have a strong presence in the city of Thessaloniki include:
Manolis Anagnostakis
Nikos-Alexis Aslanoglou
George Vafopoulos
George Ioannou
Tolis Kazantzis
Zoe Karelli
Maria Kentrou-Agathopoulou
Kleitos Kyrou
Nikos Bakolas
Alvertost Nar
Nikos Gabriel Pentzikis
Pericles Sfyridis
Dinos Christianopoulos
The participation of the following organizations was essential to the creation of the literary guide to Thessaloniki, which provides information on writers, excerpts of their works, and parts of the city linked to the literature.  
New entries created by Mr. Kaplanis and his students:
Roula Alavera
Vassilis Amanatidis
Nikos-Alexis Aslanoglou
Nikos Vassiliadis
Anastasis Vistonitis
Stella Vogiatzoglou
Alcibiades Giannopoulos
Alexandra Deligiorgi
Anestis Evaggelou
Stavros Zafiriou
Tolis Kazantzi
Maria Kentrou-Agathopoulou
Giorgos Kitsopoulou
Prodromos Markoglou
Marcos Meskos
Kostis Moskov
Manolis Xexakis
Sakis Serefas
Giorgos Skampardonis
Anthony Sourounis
P. Sotiriou
Thanasis Fotiadis
Aristotle University’s ‘Thesswiki’ receives International Distinction 
The International Federation of Library Associations (IFLA) has ranked The University Library and Information Center at The Aristotle University of Thessaloniki among their top ten organizations of the year. 
The university has been granted the IFLA BiblLibre International Library Marketing Award 2016 for “Thesswiki Workshop: A literary walk through Thessaloniki”. The project’s web address,, launched on December 11th, 2015. 
The annual competition recognizes organizations for their outstanding efforts to promote libraries through creative marketing campaigns.