Kriaras Emmanuel Personal Archives

The Kriaras Emmanuel Personal Archives were bequeathed to the Institute of Modern Greek Studies. The personal archives include nine dossiers and two books (mostly with reviews about the Lexicon of Medieval Greek Demotic Literature). They were digitized and organized in eleven folders:

  • (a) published and unpublished writings of scholar about Kriaras and his work,
  • (b) publications referring to Em.Kriaras, his work, his educational and civil action, his distinctions, etc.,
  • (c) articles, introductions, talks, open letters, interviews by Em.Kriaras,
  • (d) announcements, articles, talks, radio broadcast texts, related to Kriaras' scholarly interests. 

The items in the personal archives are 687 and the total number of digitized pages is 3.211. 

The Institute of Modern Greek Studies has developed the Emm.Kriaras Website to promote the donated collection.  

Emmanuel Kriaras. This image was downloaded on 10/12/2020 under a Creative Commons Attribution- Share alike license from Wikimedia Commons:

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