Library regulation

Complete information is provided in Greek language via the Greek edition of the Library web site.

For information about the issuance of Library Cards, and Loan Rights in English please visit the Library Cards, Loans, Reservations webpage.   

Information on how to obtain a library card is given below, for each user category

AUTh Faculty

  • Required documents: Application
  • Valid for: 3 years. Renewable by Library staff
  • Charge: free of charge
  • Borrowing Privileges (20 books, for 60 days and 2 renewals)

Adjunct Lecturers & Teaching Support Staff

  • Required documents: Application, ID, certificate from the secretariat
  • Valid for: 3 years. Renewable on presentation of certificate from the secretariat
  • Charge: free of charge 
  • Borrowing Privileges (15 books for 30 days and 2 renewals)

PhD candidates, postgraduate and undergraduate students  AUTh personnel

  • Required documents: Application, academic ID
  • Valid for: Till the end of the year of studies written on their Academic ID card (Student ID)
  • Charge: free of charge
  • Borrowing Privileges (6+4 books, full loan collection and 2 from limited-term loan for 15 days and 2 renewals)

External users

  • Required documents: Application, small photo
  • Valid for/charge: 3 months / 20 €. Renewable on payment of fee
  • Valid for/charge: 6 months / 30 €. Renewable on payment of fee
  • Valid for/charge: 1 year / 50 €. Renewable on payment of fee
  • Borrowing Privileges (in Greek)

External users – Teaching & Research Staff and students from other Greek universities

  • Required Documents: Application, academic ID
  • Valid for/charge: 6 months / 20 €
  • Valid for/charge: 1 year / 30 €
  • Borrowing Privileges (3 books for 15 days and 1 renewal)

Borrowing privileges are provided to all registered users of the AUTH Library (Central, Subject, and Departmental) with a valid library card. Borrowing privileges and loan period renewals differ per category of user (see Library Regulation, article 4.2. Terms of Loans & Renewals - in Greek).
It should be noted that some books, including, for example, reference works (dictionaries, encyclopaedias, etc.), doctoral dissertations, and books in closed collections, cannot be loaned. Also, the loan period for borrowed books differs from one collection to another (main collection, limited loan collection, Eudoxus collection, etc.)

Fines are imposed if the material borrowed is not returned by the deadline specified by the automated programme. All members are required to pay the corresponding fine on overdue books. Currently, the rate is €0.30 per day late (for more details, see Library Regulation, article 4.3. Fines - in Greek).

A book that is currently on loan can be reserved, and the applicant will be informed when it is returned to the Library. For more information concerning reservations, see article 4.2 (paragraphs 4.2.3 and 4.2.4) of the AUTh Library Regulation.