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Westlaw International is a global legal research library built on some of the world’s best legal, news, and business information.

This is an Aristotle University of Thessaloniki Faculty of Law subcription. Access is enabled only for IPs in the Faculty of Law building. 

The Fortunoff Video Archive for Holocaust Testimonies has its roots in New Haven, Connecticut but its collection now spans the Americas, Europe, and Israel. For more than three decades its mission has stayed the same: to record and project the stories of those who were there.

In 1979, a grassroots organization, the Holocaust Survivors Film Project, began videotaping Holocaust survivors and witnesses in New Haven, Connecticut. In 1981, the original collection of testimonies was donated to Yale University. The Video Archive for Holocaust Testimonies, part of the Yale University Library, opened its doors to the public the following year

The Fortunoff Archive currently holds more than 4,400 testimonies, which are comprised of over 12,000 recorded hours of videotape. 

You need to register before start searching the archive. Please consult with the search and register guidelines presented in the following webpage: Yale Fortunoff Video Archive - Search the Archive  

Art UK is the online home for every public art collection in the United Kingdom.
The website brings together art from over 3,400 British institutions in one of the UK's biggest ever arts partnerships. It shows over 300,000 works by over 50,000 artists and is growing all the time

Zoological Record is the world's oldest continuing database of animal biology. It is considered the world's leading taxonomic reference, and with coverage back to 1864, has long acted as the world's unofficial register of animal names. The broad scope of coverage ranges from biodiversity and the environment to taxonomy and veterinary sciences.