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The Institutional Repository of Scientific Publications (IKEE) includes:

  • Scientific papers by AUTh Faculty & Research Staff, such as articles in journals and conferences, books, art and multimedia work, studies, etc.
  • Unpublished (“grey”) AUTh literature, such as doctoral dissertations, master theses, diploma theses.

The International Aristotle Bibliography Online is a comprehensive research tool and gives access to books, articles, book reviews and dissertations on the philosopher Aristotle. The International Aristotle Bibliography Online covers more than 100 years of publication. It presents an invaluable resource for all those interested in (ancient) philosophy. Under the continued editorship of Richard Ingardia, the bibliography will be updated with hundreds of the most recent publications, as well as with additional entries from previous years.

The Legal Information Database by the Bar Association of Athens, Isocrates, includes: 

  • National case law
  • National legislation
  • Collective Labour Agreements
  • Community case law
  • Community legislation
  • Harmonization of laws
  • Publication of judgments of Athens courts
  • Publication of decisions of country appeals
  • Standards of conductors
  • Calculation of interest on late payment
  • Calculation of salaried lawyers’ fees
  • Legal library
  • Opinions of the Legal Council of the State

Access to the Isokrates Legal Information Database is kindly sponsored by the Bar Association of Athens to the Faculty of Law of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. It can only be accessed in the Library of Law premises.

John Benjamins e-Platform by the John Benjamins Publishing Company. This collection used to be part of the ALPSP Learned Journal Collection subscription which has been canceled. 

This subscription provides access to:

  • 35 journals mostly in linguistics and translation. It must be noted that access is provided to past issues of the following years 2007-2009, 2011. 
  • 25 electronic books of the Benjamins Translation Library.

The Johns Hopkins Guide to Literary Theory and Criticism is an indispensable resource for scholars and students of literary theory and discourse. Compiled by 275 specialists from around the world, the Guide presents a comprehensive historical survey of the field's most important figures, schools, and movements and is updated annually. It includes more than 300 alphabetically arranged entries and subentries on critics and theorists, critical schools and movements, and the critical and theoretical innovations of specific countries and historical periods.

Journal Citation Reports® offers a systematic, objective means to critically evaluate the world's leading journals, with quantifiable, statistical information based on citation data. By compiling articles' cited references, JCR helps to measure research influence and impact at the journal and category levels, and shows the relationship between citing and cited journals. Available in Science and Social Sciences editions.

JSTOR is a growing digital library of academic journals, books, and primary sources

AUTh Library currently subscribes to the following collections:

Provides access to articles from multidisciplinary journals covered in KCI. KCI is managed by the National Research Foundation of Korea and contains bibliographic information for scholarly literature published in South Korea.